Independent Director & Producer
Steven Richards

SoCalFilmWorks provides affordable video & multimedia production services to the Orange County and Los Angeles County areas. Projects include:

Recent productions include the new web-series & bible-study program for New Horizons Missions, which involved adaptation of a book into several affordable, yet unique, multimedia assets including:

  • Greenscreen effects for the small studio space.
  • Precise-length video segments in several delivery formats.
  • Foundation of an online channel suitable for distance learning.
  • Audio podcast downloads.
  • PDF reference materials.

The aptly-named 10 Minute Bible video series is now uploading on a weekly basis, enabling this outreach-oriented church group to establish an online ministry presence. Best of luck, NHM.


Previous work with New Horizons Missions includes directing and producing their documentary film Miracle in South Asia (trailer below).

Contact Steven Richards at:

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Director Steven Richards general filmmaking reel, including various aspects of independent film production and music video creation. Clips include examples of:

  • Director & Creative Influence
  • Independent Film Production
  • Camerawork & Photography
  • Creative Lighting & Composition
  • Editing & Post-Production

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